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Here is our privacy policy page with all the data and information you need to stay informed and up to date with all the changes.

Data and Information

Amsterdam Escort Private Agency Privacy Policy

This page was last changed on the Fifth of July, 2016.

Amsterdam Escort Private Agency ("us", "we", or "our") with (the "Site"). This webpage educates you on the strategies in regards to the gathering and use of the Personal Data we acquire from our clientele. We are making use of your data for various enhancements on our Site and nothing more. By browsing through our web pages, you are consenting to the use of your data. The terms in this Privacy Policy are generally utilized and will be used just like in our Terms and conditions.

Data Collection And Use

When browsing through our webpages, we would like for you to supply us with some kind of personal data so we can distinguish you. This personal data can be your phone number, your full name, at least one email address and your location.

Log Data

All webmasters and site owners gather some kind of data each time you visit a website. This is called log data and this can incorporate your IP (which is the Internet Protocol used by your PC) address, the kind of browser that you use, when and from where you access our web pages, the amount spent on links and different insights.


Cookies are a kind of records that can incorporate a certain little code for the use of identification. Cookies will be used and stored on your PC's HDD by your browser. Our organization uses cookies to help us store data. You can always decline the use of these cookies by accessing your browser and telling it not to store anything from our website. But by doing so, it may be possible that you will not be able to utilize some segments of our website.


In the new age of the Internet, security is very important, and in many cases, critical. We are taking it very seriously and the security of your personal data is paramount to us. But, with all the precautions we take, you have to acknowledge that, over the Internet, no strategy, or technique can be put in place that is 100% secure. We can't promise anything for certain in regards to your security, as nothing on this world is ever always secure.

Connections used

This website may make connections to different links on other webpages that are not in our possesion. If you will click on any of these links, then we emphatically encourage you to check their privacy pages as well, as we don't have any influence on their content. We don't have any influence on the other sites we link to and we don't have any obligation to check the security, substance, or any practice that these outside links have in place.

Changes To This Privacy Policy

Our agency may make changes and remake this Privacy Policy now and again. We will certainly inform you about this immediately and tell you about any progressions done to this page by posting it here, or on the blog. It is advisable to visit this privacy page from time to time and recheck the words and the information.

Contact us through the phone

Whenever you have inquires on our website's pages or on this Privacy Policy page, all you have to do is make a telephone call and contact one of our dispatchers.